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Trinity Leisure is a market leader in the design and manufacture of the world’s best Massage Chairs. Trinity Leisure has a complete line of 3D and leading technology Chairs, with a specialized focus on the therapeutic value of the chairs. From entry level and basic styles to customized massages; we have many choices and styles, Trinity has a style for every taste and budget. Our company now manufacturers worldwide to give our customers the best quality and the best prices in the market.

Today, Trinity has the largest and most advanced massage chair manufacturing plant in China – owned and operated by a fortune 500 company and managed locally alongside the Trinity team and management. In addition, we have an extensive research and development program to ensure quality control and ISO standards for manufacturing – with designs made in Canada specifically for the North American markets. Therefore we can provide you with products that are innovative, yet true to the traditions of quality and meeting global standards. Our PU synthetic leather is designed for the ultimate in wearability and durability using cutting edge synthetic fibers, hand stitch and then formed over a steel formed frame. With this combination of resilient, wear-resistant materials and our quality workmanship; our chairs will last for years.

Trinity Leisure Massage Chairs are available in a large selection of finishes and colors to fit any style or setting, and also offers a wide variety of colors and these elements set Trinity furniture apart from all others and when you purchase through us. Main Quality Features:

  • World’s most innovative Massaging motors and mechanisms
  • Most advanced designs for smooth and easy use with long life expectancy built into the designs and functions
  • Leading edge technology – ISO standards conform motor and controller functions and usability.
  • Trinity chairs are built to last. High-quality materials, maximum surface protection and timeless design result in products to suit even the most sophisticated tastes.
  • Our virgin materials do not contain any fillers in the materials and are rated for indoor use and with UV color wear protection – one of the best ratings in the business.
  • Chairs are made from robust profiles and expanded steel designs, which makes them extremely sturdy and yet durable for many hours of use.
  • Unique designs and color options – finishes also available upon request and custom order.
  • Use of bracing and double heat welds in the frames are robust for construction and make the chairs last.
  • The PU leather is very easy to care for, has a smooth surface and is pleasant to the touch and the fabric breathes and stretches with the chair and your body.

The 2 year through warranty guarantees the high quality of the Trinity furniture.