OnSpa® WiFi Connectivity featuring WebConnect


arctic spas internet connected hot tubAdvanced Control Systems (Optional)

OnSpa® featuring Web Connect

Web Connect is our most ambitious extension of the onSpa® system, allowing an EcoPack-equipped Arctic Spa® to establish a connection directly to the Internet. In doing so, the spa owner can log into the spa anywhere there is an Internet connection, and from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or laptop can monitor and adjust all major functions of the spa. Web Connect allows the user to have choice within this functionality: connect via the Cloud, WiFi or via the MyArcticSpa.com website.


arctic spas digital controls from anywhere in the worldOnce activated, onSpa® with WebConnect allows the user to:

  • Turn pumps on or off
  • View current status:
    – Heating cycle
    – Filtration cycle
    – Economy Mode
  • View current, and adjust temperature
  • Turn lighting systems on/off or cycle colour and patterns
  • Higher level functions such as:

    arctic spas digital control

  • Adjust Peak Ozone system
  • Adjust Onzen Salt Water system output
  • Monitor & adjust water quality via SpaBoy settings
  • Complete control from anywhere in the world

    Reference Functions, such as: